Welcome to the website of the Innovation Course by Fraunhofer ISI. The course builds on the extensive knowledge and many years of experience of Fraunhofer ISI in innovation research. We offer a broad portfolio of modules, all of which are based on continuous, long-term and intensive scientific research.

The innovation course is based on a "systemic", "integral" or "holistic" view of innovation support. In this context, it is important to raise the awareness that innovation is not only an industry issue but that it encompasses other organisations as well, i.e. the other sub-systems of the innovation system like politics/government, science and education, society etc. These sub-systems and their interactions need to be understood. Therefore, the training programme purposely goes beyond the mere transfer of knowledge in the context of industrial innovation processes. It emphasizes the interactivity between the various sub-systems of an innovation system in order to widen the perspective and to enhance comprehension of what might to be addressed develop innovation systems.




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