Module 9: Innovation policy and governance


The reason for state intervention in innovation policies is described and the relevant policy instruments are introduced. The objective of this module is to illustrate the complexity of government actions in innovation policies and to identify practical examples of good practices.


  • Demonstration of the relationship between research, technology, and innovation policy and area-specific options of state intervention
  • Explanation of different policy instruments (target group, composition, effects) and practical examples to illustrate their use 
  • Detailed examination of selected funding areas (funding of R&D in companies, clusters, incubators and innovation centers, innovation-oriented government procurement)
  • Illustration of the term governance using examples of coordination processes in the innovation system

The module conveys detailed information about government intervention in the areas of research, technology, and innovation policy and its rationale.  (funding) measures which influence innovation, (policy instruments) are discussed and different practical examples illustrate their application. Participants learn to identify the suitability of different funding programs for different actors. The interplay of different organizations in the public, private and third sector (governance in the innovation system) is addressed and different national innovation strategies are compared. The module gives an extensive overview of the structure, the involved actors and the dynamic processes of innovation policy which is essential to make a qualified assessment of the role and potential of innovation in society. Participants benefit from the extensive experience of the researchers at the Fraunhofer ISI to look "behind the scenes" of innovation".




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