Module 5: Entrepreneurship


In this module participants will develop a comprehensive understanding of entrepreneurship and the importance of business start-ups and innovative SMEs in the national innovation system. Particular emphasis will be placed on the spin-offs from academic institutions. Challenges and obstacles to the start-up process and further business development will be discussed and political funding possibilities shown. 


  • Role of business start-ups and innovative small and medium-sized businesses in the national innova-tion system
  • Key figures on the number and structure of business start-ups
  • Development phases  of business start-ups and phase specific challenges
  • Discussion of significant success factors of innovative start-ups
  • Significance and challenges of academic spin-offs
  • Structures and funding programs to support business start-ups

The module discusses the significance of entrepreneurial action and business start-ups from a regional point of view. The start-up dynamics of different regions are compared using accessible data sources. Different func-tions of business start-ups for the regional innovation system are discussed, for example direct and indirect impacts on employment, diffusion of knowledge etc. The module particularly benefits from many years of experience in evaluating and scientifically accompanying funding programs to support academic spin-offs. This module partly overlaps with module 6 (financing innovation) and module 4 (knowledge and technology transfer).




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