Module 3: Corporate innovation management and innovation strategies


A differentiated and comprehensive picture from research and practice shows important current and future developments in the innovation behaviour of manufacturing companies beyond short-term trends and popular management practices.


  • Importance and interplay of operational areas of innovation such as product innovation, technical and non-technical process innovation as well as service innovation
  • Systemic, complex und open character of modern operational innovation processes – opportunities and risks
  • Methods for comprehensive measuring of operational innovative capacities
  • Differentiation from competitors through hybrid product service sets and service-based business models
  • Internationalization of operational innovation activities
  • Innovations for energy and material efficient production

The module illustrates the extent to which the complex interplay of internal and external resources and processes increasingly forms the operational innovation behavior of manufacturing companies. On this basis participants receive insights and impulses how to shape this interplay and its framework conditions to successfully develop and exploit innovation potentials. The module draws on the theoretical knowledge and practical experiences of the researchers at the Fraunhofer ISI and will be complemented by practical examples as required. In addition, on completion of the course participants can access an online learning tool with further case studies.




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